Mark Wiggett writes:

One of my latest "busy" cartoons...

Mark Wiggett

Mark Wiggett

MARK WIGGETT was born on November 23 1950 in Port Elizabeth and went to Union High School in Graaff-Reinet where he matriculated in 1969. He spent 28 years freelancing in…>

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© Mark Wiggett | Oct 28, 2014


This is what Mark Wiggett calls his 'busy' cartoons, a style he;'s well known for and loves, because it allows him to focus on one project for a length of time and really get into it. Mark says that half the work is in interpreting the brief and then getting the rough right; placing everything and ensuring the composition works.

He then redraws it (scaled up to A2), inks and colours it with Copic markers and pencil crayon. Mark confesses, "I find it quicker and easier to work the old fashioned way, because my computer skills suck!"

This process can take up to two weeks and even longer, says Mark, who juggles the time he needs to complete the project with his daily commitment to produce six editorial cartoons a week for The Herald, and other commercial work. The above cartoon was used as a 2015 calendar illustration for his client, Concrete Slab Supplies. [see below, and click on the above image to enlarge].

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