Niël van Vuuren writes:

Gwede Mantashe: "Come, let's paint him non-racial".
The horse is labelled "ANC Voters"
The news item below quotes Mantashe as saying "More Whites to Vote for ANC".

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren is a South African, cartoon, comic strip and contemporary artist.

Born in Namibia in 1968 into a family of artists, Niël is self-taught. From an early age…>

'ANC targets white voters':
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© Niël van Vuuren | Sep 23, 2010 | Beeld

ANC targets white voters

HORSES FOR COURSES: The ANC has declared that it is targeting white voters to bolster its tradition of being a multiracial party. NIEL VAN VUUREN'S cartoon proposes that they go one step further and become non-racial.