They wrote the cartoon for me.

Here's the ANC YL's official statement:

The ANC Youth League is concerned by the continuous creation of fake Twitter accounts in the name of ANC Youth League President Julius Malema.

There are computer hackers who have created twitter accounts in the name of the President and recurrently posting [sic] misleading messages.,

The ANC YL has in [sic] more than one occasion reported these impersonators and hackers,  yet no action has been taken against them by the twitter administrators.

We will now approach the relevant authorities to report these hackers and call for the closer [sic] of twitter if its administrators are not able to administer reports for violation of basic human rights and integrity.

Those who are hacking systems and impersonating the ANC YL leadership should immediately stop doing so because the laws of this country will come very hard on them [sic].


'No Twitting Malema':
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© the artist | Nov 05, 2010

No Twitting Malema

SPOT THE TWIT: Julius Malema and the ANCYL have threatened to close Twitter down because people are impersonating the youth league boss on the social media network. JERM notes how twitters everywhere are trembling at the weight of the leader's influence.