DAVID ANDERSON (ANDY) began his cartooning career at 'The Natal Witness' in the 1970's and drew for 'The Pretoria News', 'The Rand Daily Mail', 'The Star' and 'The Sunday Times'…>

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© Andy | Jul 06, 1988 | The Star


DURING HIS LAST YEARS in prison, Nelson Mandela's convalescence was made more comfortable by the apartheid government, now resigned to the fact that if the nation's future was to be assured, he would need to be a part of it. There was also a sudden concern over Mandela's health (which had taken a bad turn when he was incarcerated on Robben Island as a result of the poor conditions there).

Meanwhile, the icon refused to renounce violence unless the National Party did the same, and while the negotiating playing fields remained uneven; political opponents to apartheid remained behind bars, and their organistions were banned.