Dr Jack & Curtis writes:

Zuma's first 100 days set the tone for the years to come. Perhaps if we ignore that inconvenient pachiderm it will just dissappear?

Cartoon description (for sight impaired readers and radio listeners)...

Set in Jacob Zuma's new presidential office, an aide reads a newspaper headlined "JZ's First 100 Days". The aide says to Zuma (who is sitting behind his desk): "Your popularity ratings are good! People are even ignoring the elephant in the room!". "What elephant?" asks the president, oblivious of the huge elephant towering behind him, its trunk almost on his lap. The elephant is labelled "Corruption Allegations"

Dr Jack & Curtis

Dr Jack & Curtis

DR JACK & CURTIS is a partnership between two cartoonists - "DR" JACK SWANEPOEL and JOHN CURTIS - who have pooled their talents so that each can specialise in his…>

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© Dr Jack & Curtis | Aug 15, 2009 | Independent Newspapers


On the occasion of his first 100 days as President,  Zuma's aide sums up his successes.