Avi Ramjan writes:

Sascoc CEO Tubby Reddy's attitude, when questioned about why he is flying business class, along with four other administrators, to the Youth Winter Olympics in Innsbruck - where South Africa is represented by a single athlete seems to be ""nobody's business"."

What a totally absurd scenario!

Sascoc has received millions in Lotto funding, most of which seems to spent on administrative needs, including travel expenses.
This Ccrtoon shows athlete- Sive Speelman and Ceo Tubby Reddy and gang.

Avi Ramjan

Avi Ramjan

AVI RAMJAN is based in Rosebank, Johannesburg and draws a weekly editorial carton for The Post (in KZN). >

'The Athlete and His Entourage ':
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© Avi Ramjan | Jan 18, 2012 | The Post

The Athlete and His Entourage

[See the cartoonist's notes in the Sidelines column]