Dr Jack writes:

Here's the cartoon for the next Scoop! newspaper.
The coat of arms for Limpopo has buffaloes on it, which is why i've used a buff. I like to use animals to represent a group rather than try to find a representative human. For the ANC i often use a fat cat. For tax payers i might use a mouse, and for farmers i might use a Border Collie dressed in gumboots etc.

In this cartoon i've latched onto Pravin's chirp about elements in Limpopo sabotaging the govt's rescue effort there. I guess i was also inspired by the recent floods to choose a different angle of the 'shooting yourself in the foot' analogy.

Dr Jack

Dr Jack

Born as Jack Swanepoel on June 24, 1965, Jack was a boarder at Lowveld High School where he matriculated in 1983, and then completed a graphic design diploma at the…>

'Limpopo Rescue':
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© Dr Jack | Jan 22, 2012

Limpopo Rescue

LIMPOPO RESCUE: This is the third cartoon we've received linking the government's rescue bid in Limpopo with the flood rescue efforts there. As far as we can see, all three cartoonists were working on the concept at the same time (with weekend newspapers' deadlines being as early as they are). See Dr Jack's notes in the Sidelines column above to learn about this cartoon, which takes a different tack on the subject.