Kidge writes:

That little child, Pippie Kruger has been in everyone's thoughts and prayers, so I sketched her in the operating theatre!


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'Pippie Gets a New Skin':
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© Kidge | Jun 18, 2012

Pippie Gets a New Skin

THE HEART WARMING STORY OF ISABELLA 'PIPPIE' KRUGER, the two year old who was afflicted with 3rd degree burns over 80% of her body following a freak New Year's eve braai accident, and given just a 10% chance of survival, has captured the nation. 

As the weeks passed the little girl's battle for survival was aided by her strong resolve and that of her parents, who never gave up their faith and hope. Her mom researched and learned about a stem cell technology that would allow sheets of new skin to be cultivated and grown from a small patch of Pippie's healthy skin, and then flown from the lab in America to be grafted onto Pippie's body.

To everyone's relief, the operation was a success, with over 90% of the new skin taking. A nation dug deep into its pockets to pay for the procedure, and money left over will be used to pay it forward when someone else needs the help. Plans are also afoot to establish a lab in South Africa to bring the technology closer to home.

THIS CARTOON by KIDGE records the historical operation - the first to use stem cells in Africa - and captures a story that reached the very heart of a nation.