Zapiro writes:

"The ‘Second Transition’ concept, which Zuma presented at the ANC’s policy conference, looked like his bid for a second term. Delegates didn’t buy it, saying it simplistically divided political liberation from unfulfilled economic liberation. Against the backdrop of widespread social protests, the rewording seemed more about semantics than substance."



Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town.

Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

'A Seismic Shift...':
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© Zapiro | Jul 05, 2012 | The Times

A Seismic Shift...

THIS CARTOON WAS RANKED AMONGST THE M&G's 10 Most Popular ZAPIRO cartoons of 2012. See his note in the Sidelines column above.