Zapiro writes:

"I came across Psy and the Gangnam style phenomenon a week before I did this cartoon and began looking for a way to do a parody.  Then Juju appeared in court, smartly dressed and claiming his money laundering charges were politically motivated. Deja vu Zuma. A headline saying ‘Malema does it Zuma Style’ gave me the angle."


The secret of Gangnam Style is to ‘Dress classy and dance cheesy’, writes Andrew Ryan in The Globe and Mail...

"Even those with only a passing interest in pop music have heard of Gangnam Style by now. The infectious dance song by the South Korean singer known as Psy was released mid-July and the accompanying music video has since reached more than 130 million views on YouTube, making it the fifth-biggest viral video in the history of the Internet.

And it’s getting bigger. While most modern hit songs normally peak and fade after several weeks, the Gangnam Style phenomenon is still peaking in North American culture.

Currently, Gangnam Style holds the No. 1 spot on the iTunes music-video chart, marking the first time a South Korean artist has ranked that high.

So how does a stocky, 34-year-old Korean singer become an international music superstar overnight with a dance song recorded entirely in his native language?"

[read on in The Globe and Mail]



Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town.

Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

'Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy ':
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© Zapiro | Sep 28, 2012 | Mail & Guardian

Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy

 THIS CARTOON WAS RANKED AMONGST THE M&G's 10 Most Popular ZAPIRO Cartoons of 2012. See his note in the Sidelines column above.

THE INSPIRATION for this ZAPIRO cartoon comes from Korean dance sensation Psy's 'Gangnam Style' which has attracted 308 million You Tube views in the ten weeks since it was first posted in mid July, 2012.

Read more about it in the sidelines column. And if you've not yet seen it (or if you're brave enough to watch it again), here it is...

In December, 2012, South African animator NoseWeek editorial cartoonist Stacey STENT took Zuma's version of Gangnam Style a step further by animating it. [See it HERE].

And in March 2014, after the Public Protector's incriminating Nkandla Report was released, a soundtrack titled 'Nkandla Style' was launched (anonymously?) on YouTube. See below.