Cuan MILES has been drawing for as long as he remembers. Trained as a graphic designer, his first job was as a layout assistant at Perskor in Johannesburg, where he came into contact with leading editorial cartoonists Lou Henning and Len Lindeque.

After time in the graphic design industry, Cuan spent many years as a design lecturer at Buffalo City's Further Education and Training College. In 2001, while there, he was invited to submit a design the Buffalo City crest, and his design was eventually chosen above over 50 other submissions.

Then an opportunity appeared for him to fulfil a lifelong dream – to draw pictures for a living, which he now does under the pen-name MILES.

Cuan's sharp wit and refined style - influenced by great British cartoonists Giles and Mack - was one of the great discoveries of the editors of the book "Don't Joke!" which gathered together cartoons from South Africa's top cartoonists in 2009. Now, at last, his talents can be shared with readers outside of his Eastern Cape enclave where he lives with his life partner, renowned fine art photographer Marlene Neumann.

In 2010 Cuan's work was once again included in the annual of SA's best cartoons (entitled 'Just for Kicks!)

Cuan draws editorial cartoons every day for 'The Daily Dispatch' in East London, and his only wish now is that he had time to go to the beach.

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