INTRODUCING MADAM & EVE’S NEW WALK ONSouth Africa’s most popular newspaper comic has a new character. This past week, Solly walked into Madam & Eve’s strip - and neighbourhood - opening up a whole world of prospects for stories and gags.Solly is immediately set upon by Mother Anderson, who has taken it upon herself to defend the neighbourhood against the likes of him and the lady who walks the streets selling mielies (corn) at the top of her voice. In fact, it soon turns out that these two scourges of middle class privilege already know one another!Solly’s trolly, filled to the brim with odds and ends (some of which will surprise you), is a prop that will surely prove to be a bottomless resource of material for the strip’s creators Stephen Francis (who writes), and Rico (who draws).

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In a rare written response to criticism over his cartoons, Zapiro has come out in defence of his latest to cause a stir.The cartoon depicts the brutal torture by police of a Mozambican taxi driver, who later died.Many readers (in comments on our facebook page, and elsewhere) expressed outrage at what they saw as being a disrespectful depiction of the victim in a cartoon, while many others have said that it is fair comment in that it targets the perpetrators, not the victim.

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Dr Jack at the Design Indaba

Cartoonist stamps his authority at CT event.

DR JACK'S 2006 Christmas themed 'Jungle Bells' range of stamps for the SA Post Office were revived at this year's Design Indaba in Cape Town last week, revealing interesting details of his process in creating the series.

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EWN's Jerm infestation to increase by 50% celebrates the news that Eye Witness News has asked JERM to increase his output for their website from two cartoons per week to three.

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On February 27th, 2013, ‘The Witness’ celebrated its 167th birthday. It was the year of another auspicious anniversary — the 175th year since the founding of Pietermaritzburg; the city the newspaper has served since its launch. To mark these anniversaries, the newspaper invited their longstanding cartoonist, STIDY (Anthony Stidolph), to write about his time at the newspaper and, especially, the pleasure of focusing his sharp eye on the city. More…
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Cricket: Ifran vs Steyn

At almost 7 foot tall, Pakistan's Mohammad Irfan is the tallest fast bowler in the world. But, the Proteas' Dale Steyn is the fastest short bowler in the world!

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Memes vs Cartoons


An interesting blog post has suggested that the unrivalled dominance that editorial cartoons have long enjoyed in the field of graphical expression, commentary and satire now faces a threat which dwarfs the challenges of dwindling newspaper sales and accusations of plagiarism (and so called "self plagiarism") that are troubling the sector - particularly in the United Sates.

The advent of memes, and particularly the kind that live and thrive on the internet, are competing with cartoons in the digital arena for that ever decreasing space; the reader's attention span.

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The Funny Business of Cartooning

Laughter might be the best medicine, but when it’s at the expense of the powerful, it becomes a political tool, writes Joanna Wright in the January edition of The Media Magazine .

She notes that cartoonists make us laugh, make us think – and make politicians mad, and she invites some of South Africa’s leading cartoonists to explain just why this is so.

Read HERE to see what Dov Fedler (pictured above), Stidy, Jerm, Yalo, Rico, Len Sack and Andy Mason have to say about their trade. 

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Sloppy Cartoonist As Sharp As Ever

People old enough to remember the 1980s underground comic strip 'Sloppy' - which appeared in the alternative publication Learn and Teach - or 'Selatsa', a strip featured in the Bloemfontein newspaper The Friend, might have wondered what has happened to gonzo cartoonist Mogorosi Motshumi since those creations of his.

They'll be pleased to know that this struggling artist is back at the drawing board, teaching himself new tricks and employing them in his latest project; an autobiographical epic which he expects to complete next year. In it, he narrates his struggle under apartheid and since, including his challenges with substance abuse and Aids.THE CAPE TIMES' Janet Heard discovered him in Cape Town recently and extracted a rare interview with this leading apartheid era cartoonist, who is clearly not done yet.  

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