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KNEDO WRITES: "I've tried to take the cartoon/image away from the many that play on gaol bars/ Pearly gates / chasm crossing bridges and cartoons that look like they're the cartoonist's Steve Jobs make-over, or worse simply a caricature or portrait. Notwithstanding some incredible cartoons, portrait & caricature work."

"I know my composition will detract, here in Australia particularly, with an image of the 'ancestral' Transkei   Too  abstract I guess, to hope it will resonate with anyone who has not known the Transkei. But as it's a tribute - to such an incredible human being - I'm not particularly concerned."

Guest Cartoonists

Guest Cartoonists

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'20131208_Guest Cartoonist':
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20131208_Guest Cartoonist

KNEDO (Brian Conradsen) lives in Queensland, Australia, where he retains a keen interest in South African current affairs and how cartoonists interpret them.
Translation: BAYETE - We salute you / Salute to the King (or Chief).