Niël van Vuuren writes:

Booed DA Mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Patricia De Lille says: "Mr President, aren't you going to intervene?"
"Never in the internal affairs of a sovereign state", replies President Zuma.

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren is a South African, cartoon, comic strip and contemporary artist.

Born in Namibia in 1968 into a family of artists, Niël is self-taught. From an early age…>

'Booing De Lille':
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© Niël van Vuuren | Mar 23, 2011

Booing De Lille

CONTRARY TO HIS HUMAN RIGHTS DAY SPEECH in which he called for respect and tolerance, the President abstained from ensuring this for other speakers at the same event. NIEL van VUUREN is quick to point out the irony, but offers a possible rationale for President Zuma's lack of moral leadership on the occasion.
[See translation in the column to the left of the cartoon].