Roberto Millan writes:

This week's GroundUp cartoon on the recent debate surrounding the DAs policies on BEE going into election season and the general confusion surrounding this. It's based on an extremely popular 'Ermagherd' internet meme (see below cartoon for details).

Roberto Millan

Roberto Millan

ROBERTO MILLAN was born in Pretoria on December 3rd 1985. He completed a BA in Information Design at the University of Pretoria and later made his way to Stellenbosch to…>

'20131120_Roberto Millan':
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© Roberto Millan | Nov 20, 2013 | GroundUp

20131120_Roberto Millan

Roberto's cartoon is based on the poplar 'Ermagherd' internet meme which you can see a sample of below and read all about HERE.

Ermahgerd meme