Stephen Francis


Stephen Francis is the writing half of the creative team (with Rico) of the hugely famous Madam & Eve comic strip franchise. Born in the United States in 1949, Stephen moved to South Africa in 1988 with his then wife, Wendy, whom he met at the South African consulate in New York City.

In 1992, witnessing the interesting and often funny dynamic between his South African mother-in-law and her domestic housekeeper he conceptualised the strip, which is now nearing its 20th anniversary. Stephen's wry wit is a hallmark of the strip’s success.

Stephen is a partner with the strip's artist Rico in the studio Rapid Phase, which publishes an annual collection of the year's best Madam & Eve strips. Stephen Francis also co-edited a collection of cartoons entitled "Nelson Mandela, A Life in Cartoons".

Stephen Francis is also an award winning script writer and radio and TV personality. He has written over 28 episodes for the Madam & Eve television series, earning a bronze award for best international situation comedy at the Rose d’Or Festival in Switzerland.

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