Stacey STENT was South Africa's first female editorial cartoonist, and has since been its only one to draw a regular cartoon for a mainstream publication. Her loose, free flowing style, with clever, chatty dialogue is reminiscent of the work of American cartoonist Jules Feiffer. Under the title 'Who's Left?', STENT's multi-panelled strips narrated the exciting and oft' quirky adventures of the progressive left community in 1980s South Africa, and into the transition from apartheid to democracy in the 90s. Once a democratic government was in place, she retired her pen; its venom had run dry and she was only too happy to observe the birth of a new South Africa from a more supportive perspective. But as the country threatened to veer off course, STENT realised it was time for her to take up her pen again, and she has found a good home in the brave investigative magazine 'Noseweek' for her monthly cartoon.

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