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ND MAZIN's work spans the many genres of cartooning, but he is best known for his underground Crumbsian strips such as 'Vittokes' and more recently 'Azaniamania'.

Born as Andy Mason in Pietermaritzburg in 1954, he studied at the University of Natal (now KZN) and later co-founded 'Artworks Communications' in Durban, serving as a director there till 2007.

At Artworks and through such vehicles as The Durban Comics Circle with Nanda Soobben, he mentored many young talents who have since become successful cartoonists in their own right.

In 2008 he moved to Cape Town "to become a penniless author". There he also became head of the Comic Art Unit of Stellenbosch University's Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Art (CCIBA).

He is also author / editor and publisher of numerous underground comix including the Mamba Comix series, and - in the guise of his alter ego Andy Mason - the author of "WHAT'S SO FUNNY? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning' an authoritative work on the history of South African cartooning (Jacana Media, 2010).

In 2009 and 2010 he co-edited 'The Year in Cartoons' anthologies with John Curtis.

Andy lives in Muizenburg with life partner Cath Collingwood, works for environmental organisation One World and surfs at every given opportunity.'

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