ND Mazin writes:

The response to Episode 1 was fantastic.
Here is Episode 2 of Azaniamaia.

IN AZANIAMANIA EPISODE 2: Corruption of the State, Militarisation of the Corporate Sector, Crony Capitalism and the Liberal Dilemma: it's all here in AZANIAMANIA as Sigmund is sucked down the Gullet of Greed into the Belly of the Beast! Please let me know when it's going up Yrs in Ink N.D.

ND Mazin

ND Mazin

ND MAZIN's work spans the many genres of cartooning, but he is best known for his underground Crumbsian strips such as 'Vittokes' and more recently 'Azaniamania'.

Born as Andy Mason in…>

'Azaniamania 2: The Saga Continues...':
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© ND Mazin | Apr 22, 2012 | Africartoons

Azaniamania 2: The Saga Continues...

[see cartoonist's notes in the Sidelines column and click on image to enlarge it. To see the first episode of Azania mania, click on the red keyword to the right of the cartoon]

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