Weyni Deysel writes:

[This obituary cartoon was lovingly created by staff of the Citizen using elements of Weyni's cartoons; his trademark "wurmpie" and his signature.]

AFRICARTOONS INVITES all our member cartoonists who would like to honour Weyni's passing with a tribute, to include the "wurmpie" in one - or more - of their cartoons this month, and send that cartoon in to this site for inclusion in a tribute which we will forward to his newspaper and family.

Admirers of Weyni's work are also invited to leave a tribute or word of condolence in the comments beneath this cartoon, which will also be forwarded to his colleagues and family.

Weyni Deysel

Weyni Deysel

Born on May 14th, 1951 in Port Elizabeth, Weyni matriculated at Pretoria Art School in 1970.

He tried his hand as a train driver and also studied theology before joining…>

'R.I.P Weyni':
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© Weyni Deysel | May 19, 2010 | The Citizen

R.I.P Weyni

HE HAD A RARE TALENT - Editorial in The Citizen (Tuesday 18 May 2010)  

Weyni Deysel was so much more than an award-winning cartoonist, beloved by readers and colleagues. Of course, we at The Citizen appreciated the recognition he received as Vodacom’s Gauteng Journalist of the Year for 2009. It was a proud moment for us.

On this newspaper Deysel’s influence was profound, despite his gentle, unassuming way. At daily meetings he invariably offered ideas that went far beyond the scope of a cartoonist’s work. These ranged from suggestions for news or feature stories to proposals for greater community involvement. It was, for example, his prompting that led last year to the inimitable Leon Schuster livening up The Citizen’s first foray into helping clean up Joburg.

Each of us has a different vision of the world. Deysel seemed blessed to be able to see humour, sometimes quirky, in situations which to others might at first appear to be straightforward. None of us had an inkling of how much he must have been suffering. We salute the passing of a rare talent who enriched many lives.


AFRICARTOONS has invited its member cartoonists to pay tribute to Weyni Deysel by including the late cartoonist's trademark "wurmpie" in one of their cartoons over the next month. Weyni adopted the little worm from his predecesor Len Lindeque, and added decades to the life of the little mascot. Go here to see the tribute cartoons gathered to date.