Roberto Millan writes:

Amped for Lady Gaga next week Monday in Cape Town. Gaga themed cartoon for the December issue of the Pink Tongue (unicorns and all).

A Lady Gaga, propaganda-style poster with the gay South African flag sitting large in the background.

I'm going to try to get people to tweet and facebook her the cartoon @ladygaga. Apparently she often posts fan art and officially has the highest Twitter following on the planet.

Lady Gaga is considered an icon in the international LGBTI community and South Africa is no exception. She's done a considerable amount of advocacy work on behalf of human rights and her music is consistent with these values.

On a side note, the gay flag of SA is now officially recognized and protected by the Department of Arts and Culture and the government of South Africa.

Best. Robbie

Roberto Millan

Roberto Millan

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'20121201_Roberto Millan':
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© Roberto Millan | Dec 01, 2012

20121201_Roberto Millan

JOIN CARTOONIST ROBERTO's campaign and tweet this image to @Ladygaga - Lady Gaga has the greatest twitter following on the planet (and most probably the entire universe!). We should know; on November 30th 2012 @africartoons became follower number 31,676,911 !!! 

Please vote up this cartoon on Lady Gaga's website here:
[Read the sidelines for Roberto's notes about this cartoon, the significance of the flag in it, and his twitter campaign].