Don't Joke! The Year In Cartoons

Edited by Andy Mason & John Curtis

Don't Joke! Book CoverSouth Africa's cartooning maestros join forces with the new post-apartheid generation to tell the story of the most event-filled year since 1994. Hard-hitting and hilarious, Don't Joke! brings it all back in a rush of satires, parodies, caricatures and flights of fancy that'll rearrange your head.


Van Zuma tot Zille (en ander politieke kaperjolle)

Fred Mouton

Fred takes a keen interest in the people he draws. "Some people are so lovely to draw that you wish they would live forever. They have faces that you can appreciate". With his strong eye for detail he makes characters live in his cartoons. This new collection from the best of Fred's pen is the follow up on last year's publication. From Helen Zille to Jacob Zuma, and many other well-knowns (like Robert Mugabe, Julius Malema, Steve Hofmeyr and Carl Niehaus) - all are subject to the scrutiny and humour of Fred's pen.


Strike While The Iron's Hot

Madam & Eve

Cosmopolitan Magazine says of Madam & Eve: "Outrageously funny with unerring humour and intelligence", "South Africa's most successful cartoon strip has won the hearts of millions", continues The Mail & Guardian, while the Washington Post enthuses that the strip "locates the common national funny bone".>

Don't Mess With the President's Head


Zapiro's 14th annual offering comes packed with all that we've come to expect of him: razor sharp analysis, hard hitting opinions, clever devices, a quick wit and beautifully crafted drawings.  Featuring cartoons from The Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times and The Times, 'Don't Mess With the President's Head' includes the latest episodes of Zapiro's long running battle with Jacob Zuma - which has raged long before the latter's presidency was evident in spite of multimillion rand lawsuits intended to silence Zapiro's pen...>

Mama Taxi - The Collection

Deni Brown

If you thought all taxi drivers were the same, meet Mama Taxi. Proudly South African Mavis and her sister Zandi bravely tackle the busy roads to bring you a woman's perspective from behind the flying wheels of the taxi industry.

This job needs a fearless woman with guts and a steely determination to obey the rules of the road. Shoot a red light? Talk on the cellphone while making a U-turn? Never! Be polite to cops at all times? Of course!


Zuma's Road to Victory (Inzima le ndlela)

Qap's Mngadi (Umsinsi Press, 2010)

Mqapheli Mngadi, known as QAP'S MNGADI is the only cartoonist to produce editorial cartoons primarily in isiZulu. He began drawing for Umafrika newspaper before joining Isolezwe in 2003, and has been with that paper ever since. Qap's also draws English cartoons for the Echo Witness newspaper.>


Edited by John Curtis and Andy Mason

Just for Kicks! Book CoverFollowing hard on the heels of last year’s inaugural ‘YEAR IN CARTOONS’, this second anthology of South Africa’s best political cartoons, punctuated by a lively Soccer World Cup section, is equally hilarious.


The Wizard of HOD

Nanda Soobben


for the Mail & Guardian, Aug 14 1998

One of South Africa's most highly rated political cartoonists, Nanda Soobben, has just scooped a handsome grant from the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology to produce a 20-minute docu-animation film, based on his political cartoons from the Eighties and Nineties.