WILSON MGOBHOZI started out as an illustrator at the Johannesburg newspaper 'The Star' before taking over Zapiro's slot at that paper in 2008.

His progress since then has been rapid and his cartoons are now frequently carried by other titles in the Independent Newspaper Group.

Mgobhozi's style - clearly inspired by his predecessor - is fast establishing itself with a strong emphasis on good caricature, a good understanding of the politics of the day, and often a clever device to communicate his message. Since adopting colour into his work he has earned himself a reputation for having the keenest sense of colour in the business.

His work featured in both the 2009 and 2010 instalments of 'The Year in Cartoons' annuals amongst the best cartoons of those years.

In 2011 Mgobhozi snapped up the Editorial Cartoonist prize in the 10th Annual Mondi Shanduka Newspaper Awards. In his citation for the award, Judging convenor Professor Guy Berger described Mgobhozi's entries as "clean, clear in their imagery, and original in their thought. They were funny and topical but above all, introduced new ways of rendering a subject that many others had also treated".

In January 2011, Wilson Mgobhozi was invited to represent South Africa at the 12th RIDEP International Cartoon Festival hosted in France. There he met with other leading cartoonists from all over the world.

In 2014 a portfolio of 3 Mgobhozi cartoons earned him the place of runner up finalist in the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards (Editorial Cartoons Category).

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