Nanda Soobben


Nanda Soobben began his career at 'Post' (Natal) in 1980 and became the first black South African cartoonist to be employed by a mainstream paper when the 'Daily News' took him on as a full time editorial cartoonist in 1985.

His unique style is characterised by striking caricatures with intricate hatching, closely cropped to fill most of the frame, and punctuated by bold statements emblazoned across the remaining space.

Nanda's political cartoons have featured in solo exhibitions in New York and Brazil, and his Apartheid era book 'The Wizard of HOD (House of Delegates)is now a sought after a collector's item which is included in the African Library Collection of the Smithsonian Institute Museum.

Besides his award winning editorial cartoons, Nanda is an accomplished sports cartoonist. He also owns a cartooning, animation and design school in Durban and many established cartoonists have passed through its doors on their way to success.

Cartoons by Nanda Soobben

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