Dov Fedler


DOV FEDLER is in his 70th year and has been drawing for more than 50 of those. This is self evident in his cartoons where a skilled hand, an intuitive understanding of current affairs, and a sharp wit meet.

DOV joined The Star newspaper as their cartoonist in the early 1970s and has been with that paper ever since.

His cartoons are now published across the country in other Independent titles too; The Pretoria News, The Mercury (in Natal), The Cape Times, Kimberly's 'Diamond Fields Advertiser'...

In an introduction to Dov's 1991 collection entitled 'A Season of Violence', Arnold Benjamin (then Associate Editor at The Star) described how Dov's "marvellous, economic line renders essentials into pointed political commentary".

Dov has covered the careers of hundreds of politicians, athletes and celebrities from Albert Hertzog through to Jacob Zuma.

He is counted amongst the greats who once inspired him as he started out; Bob Connolly, Jock Leyden, Abe Berry and Dave Marias.

And he's still going strong - and producing some of his finest work ever!

Cartoons by Dov Fedler

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