Dave Gomersall


Born in the U.K. DAVID GOMERSALL came to Africa with his parents at the age of ten, and finished his schooling in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia).

He became a professional musician at the age of seventeen and toured South Africa extensively, playing mostly in bands, one of them being THE OMEGA LTD.

Always living his dreams, he decided to build an ocean going yacht and sail it around the world with his guitars and girl friend (now his wife, Juliet). Ten years later they returned to Africa with their boat and four year old daughter.

Taking the time out to write some children’s stories, he met GAVIN THOMSON whilst searching for an illustrator. Dave's love for fishing, sailing and diving and his deep rooted sense of humour led to the idea of TREK NET, the comic strip he co created with Gavin.

'TREK NET' launched in a local paper but is now syndicated in a host of newspapers nationally. Dave writes and Gavin Thomson does the drawings. Once Dave has written a stack that will last six weeks or so, he sails off to the Caribbean to think up more ideas.

Dave and Gavin also co-create the comic strip TERMINAL which is published in the SAA in-flight magazine SAWUBONA, as well as the cartoon RIPPLES, featured in an internationally distributed yachting magazine called DOCKWALK.

And if you don't get a chance to catch his strip you can catch him (when he's not sailing) playing great rock standards at local venues around Cape Town.

Dave lives with his wife, Juliet, their two children, Delta and Tron, and his father Derek in the Noordhoek valley on the Cape Peninsular. He hopes to retire on the success of Trek Net - which has now attracted interest as the theme for a TV series.

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