Roberto Millan writes:

Northern Cape ANC provincial spokesperson Keitumetsi Mathiba has inadvertently just extended an open invitation to all South African cartoonists to further illustrate caricatures of the premier. Mine will appear in Groundup tomorrow. Aluta cartoonia!

My cartoon for GroundUp regarding the recent attack on cartoonists by the Northern Cape Premier's spokesperson after her fast-food expenses saga and the recent spike in attempted censorship of artworks and an increasing tendency towards nondisclosure. The two radios/one television reference is based on an experience I had when visiting another cartoonist's studio earlier this year.

[See Roberto's note beneath the cartoon regarding changes he made after writing this]

Roberto Millan

Roberto Millan

ROBERTO MILLAN was born in Pretoria on December 3rd 1985. He completed a BA in Information Design at the University of Pretoria and later made his way to Stellenbosch to…>

'20131002_Roberto Millan':
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© Roberto Millan | Oct 02, 2013 | GroundUp

20131002_Roberto Millan

Roberto explains his 'blaps': "I edited the cartoon as there was an error on one of the comments ('President signs Secrecy Bill' was meant to be 'President to sign Secrecy Bill'). I changed the comment entirely to deal with the censored painting to fall within the larger rubric of censorship and art. Bit of a cartooning blooper (i guess it happens to every cartoonist at least once)".

Roberto's blaps