Grogan writes:

The proposed press restrictions are depressingly familiar to one who has gone through this all before. Does the ANC know what it is doing? It is the grossest hypocrisy to proclaim the wonders of our great democracy while considering autocratic laws like this. Going through my files I discovered many old cartoons on the same theme. Perhaps you might like to post some of them on your website as a reminder of what we this country has been through and what we fought against in the past... I might add that not even the Nats were able to introduce a press tribunal, although they tried mightily. I attach a small selection of cartoons which touch on different implications of press control by the government.



Tony GROGAN is a stalwart amongst South African cartoonists whose work has appeared in the Cape Times since 1974, and also in The Sunday Times and Sunday Independent.

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'Checks and Balances':
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© Grogan | Aug 09, 2010 | Cape Times

Checks and Balances

CHEQUES AND BALANCES: Tony GROGAN points out just which checks and balances the government appears to have in mind in imposing the press restrictions they have tabled. See this veteran cartoonist's additional notes in the side column, and follow this link to some of his old apartheid era cartoons on the subject - which are frighteningly apt today.