Dov Fedler

Dov Fedler

DOV FEDLER is in his 70th year and has been drawing for more than 50 of those. This is self evident in his cartoons where a skilled hand, an intuitive…>

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© Dov Fedler | Feb 27, 2017 | The Star


Dov Fedler's Favourite Cartoon

Pat Oliphant, the great American cartoonist once said that in all the decades of his work, he was completely satisfied with only a handful of the cartoons he drew. That statement is more indicative of the high standard to which he holds himself than of any failings in his vast body of work.

Similarly, Dov Fedler holds this one cartoon above all the thousands that he has produced over the past 50 years.

A work of love in tribute to his favorite subject Nelson Mandela, the cartoon is simultaneously sad and liberating. Dov's mascot newspaper salesman - who has aged by a year every year since Mandela heralded in SA's new democracy - bids farewell to the icon; cut out of seagulls rising above Robben Island on the horizon.