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Born as Jack Swanepoel on June 24, 1965, Jack was a boarder at Lowveld High School where he matriculated in 1983, and then completed a graphic design diploma at the…>

'Dr Jack Cartoon used in Indian Anticorruption Protest ':
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© Dr Jack | Aug 17, 2011 | Business Day

Dr Jack Cartoon used in Indian Anticorruption Protest

A RIOT OF A CARTOON: The cartoon in the poster held by this anti-corruption protester in India was drawn by Dr JACK and published in The Sunday Times some 14 years earlier. By using generic characters rather than specific people, the cartoon brilliantly condemns organised crime (and by extension, corruption) in the public and private sectors. As long as the scourge of crime and corruption exists, this message will never date, as evidenced by the cartoon's revival, 14 years later. You can read an account of this cartoon's use in the protest here.

[Photograph and caption by REUTERS. Newspaper cutout below from Business Day, Wednesday, 17 August 2011]

As it appeared on page 10, Business Day, 17 Aug 2011