Avi Ramjan writes:

AVI Writes:
I discovered the similarity to MGOBHOZI's cartoon yesterday morning.
I didn't like having an idea that was already done and sadly i didn't see MGOBHOZI's cartoon on Africartoons in time to do another concept.
Unfortunately because i have do attend to my regular day-job :P i didn't have the time to bang out another cartoon in time for publication.
My Editor just had to run with it. I told him also that it was just great minds thinking alike...hehehe...

Avi Ramjan

Avi Ramjan

AVI RAMJAN is based in Rosebank, Johannesburg and draws a weekly editorial carton for The Post (in KZN). >

'Selebi's Self Help Reading ':
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© Avi Ramjan | Dec 07, 2011 | The Post

Selebi's Self Help Reading

AVI Ramjan is a young and exciting new cartoonist on the scene, drawing for The Post newspaper. We'll soon be adding his impressive portfolio of work to, but here's a teaser (with a zoom on a detail below). Avi explains (in the Sidelines column above) that he discovered the similarities between this cartoon and Wilson Mgobhozi's one when it was too late to change his. You can see both cartoons together by clicking on the hashtag amongst the keywords.

Detail of Avi Cartoon