ND Mazin

ND Mazin

ND MAZIN's work spans the many genres of cartooning, but he is best known for his underground Crumbsian strips such as 'Vittokes' and more recently 'Azaniamania'.

Born as Andy Mason in…>

'ND MAZIN vs Toxicorp':
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© ND Mazin | Aug 01, 2005 | Africartoons

ND MAZIN vs Toxicorp

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Cross genre cartoonist, academic and author ANDY MASON (pen-named ND Mazin) has made the war against evil business empire Toxacorp his own. Here he takes his grievances off the page and onto the board, making waves with great effect. ND MAZIN's campaign must be working - have you seen any of Toxacorp's products on your local supermarket shelves lately?