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My cartoon for the April issue of the Pink Tongue (It's already been published and on the streets).

The cartoon appears alongside an article dealing with recent homophobic comments made by a house committee member in a residence at Stellenbosch University after a presentation by a youth group on gender and sexual orientation. After the presentation, the person in question stood up and said "Ek wil net sê ek is teen gays" after which the entire residence broke out into applause. Stellenbosch University carries a reputation as one of the least transformed universities in the country (largely in part due to it's language policy) and is associated within the LGBTIA community as one of the most homophobic tertiary institutions in the country .

ON DIGITAL RENDERING: I saw the debate on the Africartoons forum regarding traditional and digital media in cartoons. Here I reached a bit of a compromise. I illustrated the linework with a digital pen after which I printed it out and added some ink-washes on paper. I recently started working for a comic book studio in Stellenbosch that specializes in digital illustration. I personally enjoy a bit of both though I'll admit I tend to lean towards traditional media (the results are often unplanned and super positive as a result).

Roberto Millan

Roberto Millan

ROBERTO MILLAN was born in Pretoria on December 3rd 1985. He completed a BA in Information Design at the University of Pretoria and later made his way to Stellenbosch to…>

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20120328_Roberto Millan

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