Rico Schacherl is a cartoonist based in Johannesburg, responsible for illustrating the highly successful comic strip Madam & Eve. Born in Austria in 1966, he claims he was drawing cartoons…>

'Rico's Protest':
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© Rico | May 23, 2012 | Africartoons

Rico's Protest

MADAM & EVE CO-CREATOR AND CARTOONIST RICO has registered his objection to the recent defacing of Brett Murray's 'The Spear' painting by defacing his own facebook profile pic. Africartoons invited fellow cartoonists to follow suit as a broader statement against threats - particularly by the ruling party and government - against the Freedom of Expression, especially in art.

The response was overwhelming, with some two dozen leading cartoonists responding by defacing their avatars in the same manner that 'The Spear' was defaced, both literally and figuratively, encouraged by our liberating party's objections.