ND Mazin writes:

We voted for freedom of expression! It's our FUNdamental right!

Now that the Spear saga is behind us, are we going to sit around waiting for the next assault on our freedom of expression?
"No way, Bru!" says SubComandante Blue Mamba of WRACK. "Make your statement now! Join the Art Combat Kommando!"

[Volunteers for WRACK are invited to leave their details or ideas as a comment beneath this post]

ND Mazin

ND Mazin

ND MAZIN's work spans the many genres of cartooning, but he is best known for his underground Crumbsian strips such as 'Vittokes' and more recently 'Azaniamania'.

Born as Andy Mason in…>

'ND Mazin Defaced ':
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© ND Mazin | Jun 16, 2012 | Africartoons

ND Mazin Defaced

ND MAZIN has joined a dozen fellow cartoonists in defacing his avatar as a symbolic objection to threats against our Freedom of Expression. And he's gone one step further; in calling for the formation of WRACK: the World Revolutionary Art Combat Kommando, an affiliate of WRECK (the World Revolutionary Ecological Combat Kommando), neither of which is affiliated to WORK (the World Order of Radical Kartoonists).
[See ND's notes in the Sidelines column, above, left]
Cartoon by ND MAZIN