Guest Cartoonists writes:

Greetings from San Diego, my friends. I applaud your website and I would be honored to have my work appear there. Go for it! Thanks for asking permission.

Guest Cartoonists

Guest Cartoonists

EVERY NOW AND AGAIN we feature cartoons by cartoonists who are not regular contributors to africartoons, because we regard their work to be exceptional in one way or another, and…>

'Here be Dragons...':
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© Guest Cartoonists | Jun 01, 2010 | Out of Africa

Here be Dragons...


Sometimes Africartoons invites the work of cartoonists off the continent of Africa to display their work here because it is either relevant or inspiring or (as in the case of this series of cartoons) both...

STEVE BREEN is a two time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from California who draws for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Recently he drew a series of cartoons about the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, using oil collected from the polluted beaches to colour his work. He has kindly agreed to allow Africartoons to feature the project. All five cartoons have been saved to the same date so that they can be viewed consecutively.

You can read more about it (and view a video on the process) here .