Mgobhozi writes:

WE WERE ALL TAKEN ABACK When out of the blue, Julius Malema scathingly launched yet another attack on president Jacob Zuma, publicly condemning leaders in polygamous relationships. with this cartoon I aimed to take the reader back into Zuma’s Nkandla homestead and into the minds of his wives in response to Malema’s utterances. The editor briefed me to draw a scary looking caricature of Juju (as Malema is affectionately known) with a clenched fist, blurting out: “One man, one wife!”
In the other fantasy frame I’d have Zuma’s Nkandla homestead and imagine one of his wives protesting: “He’s just JEALOUS.”



WILSON MGOBHOZI started out as an illustrator at the Johannesburg newspaper 'The Star' before taking over Zapiro's slot at that paper in 2008.

His progress since then has been rapid and…>

'Malema on Monogamy':
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© Mgobhozi | Sep 14, 2010 | Independent Newspapers

Malema on Monogamy

A LECTURE FOR A POLYGAMOUS PRESIDENT: Ju Ju dishes out advice and MGOBHOZI suggests a motive.
[THIS CARTOON forms part of the winning portfolio which earned MGOBHOZI the 2011 Mondi Newspaper Award for Best Editorial Cartoonist. Read his comments in the Sidelines column for further insight into the cartoon].