Namate writes:

Cartoonist Tony Namate says that Zimbabwe’s women folk are used to playing second fiddle. While women provide the bulk of supporters for political parties, female leadership positions in these parties can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And women's groups have shown no interest in putting forward a female candidate for president. These groups constitute the bulk of NGOs, yet female empowerment is still a pipedream.



Tony NAMATE began to build a following and his reputation as one of Zimbabwe’s leading cartoonists in the early 1990’s as the cartoonist for ‘Horizon’, with his features 'Bob's Your…>

'Mugabe's Broad Based Support':
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© Namate | Oct 18, 2010

Mugabe's Broad Based Support

THE SEAT OF POWER: Zimbabwean Cartoonist TONY NAMATE believes that if Zimbabwean women united, they would be a powerful political force for change in their country. This, after the ruling ZANU-PF Women's League secretary recently endorsed Mugabe's election candidacy for next year, encouraging him to "rule forever" and saying "Your work cannot be compared to that of anyone else. Do not leave us." Sadly, the majority of women who oppose this view remain voiceless.