On his blog Yummy Lemons, Durban based cartoonist Tyron Love introduces his latest project:
"Yummy lemons is a 21 year project, once a week I draw a one page cartoon inspired by my new born son, Emmett. The cartoons will document Emmett's life as seen from his fathers point of view. On his 21st birthday he'll get a HUGE comic book of his life up to that point.

The cartoon is emailed to subscribers once a week. I would love for you to join us on this journey, subscribe to the weekly comic by filling in your details in the blue box above, it's free and will be great fun!" - Tyron Love

'Birth of a New Comic: YUMMY LEMONS':
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© the artist | Jun 01, 2011 | Africartoons

Birth of a New Comic: YUMMY LEMONS

A WORK OF LOVE. Every so often, Africartoons breaks with it's tradition of only carrying editorial cartoons to bring its readers something fresh and different. On this happy occasion of a fellow cartoonist's news that he and his wife have had a baby, we're thrilled to bring you this; the first weekly instalment of YUMMY LEMONS; in which TYRON LOVE intends to record the life experiences of young Emmett (as seen from his dad's viewpoint) till he turns 21 years old! Tyron invites anyone who'd like to have these weekly episodes mailed to them to subscribe here.

Tyron explains that "Autobiographical cartooning has it's challenges, especially in this weekly format, as it needs to be drawn at the last minute at the end of the week, similar to political cartooning which needs to be drawn on a daily bases and relies on current affairs for ideas. Autobiographical cartoonists get their ideas and stories from life, this means that everything that happens on a daily bases could end up in a cartoon. Beware!"

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