Anthony Stidolph (STIDY) was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) and grew up on a remote farm in the Nyanga District.

He was educated at Umtali Boys High School…>

'Selebi to a Tee':
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© Stidy | Dec 06, 2011 | The Witness

Selebi to a Tee

STROKE PLAY? When Jackie Selebi reportedly suffered a stroke the minute his appeal against a 15 year jail sentence was turned down, journalists (and the courts) could be forgiven for their scepticism. After all, other convicted fraudsters have avoided their jail terms in a similar fashion. Schabir Shaik is a case in point, only to be seen on the golf course just months after receiving a reprieve for his "terminal illness", and Juju Malema has also used the ploy to avoid the authorities.
South African Cartoonists - who are sceptical at the best of times - were unanimous in suggesting Selebi's illness was a case of the "Shaiks", but as the news unfolded, some became concerned that they might have made the wrong call. Commentators on the internet warned that rumours of the disgraced cop's good health were premature, and some headlines reported that his condition was severe. Others said that he would go to jail regardless, which turned out to be the case, just as STIDY completed the first version of his cartoon (posted below). A quick edit and he was able to amend the message in time for his deadline. Whether or not Selebi will eventually get a reprieve on the grounds of his ill health remains to be determined, as will the probability of a miraculous recovery shortly thereafter. But what we can be assured of, is that South Africa's cartoonists will administer a healthy dose of scepticism at every turn.

Stidy's Original Selebi Cartoon