Jerm writes:

The New Age launched a year ago. I started my political career at The Times in 2008 (but I began drawing for them when they launched in 2007). Similarly, I began drawing for The New Age when they launched in 2010.

And it’s been something of a roller coaster ride. Henry Jeffreys (who resigned earlier this year) and Ryland Fisher are editors who, in my opinion, have done well under the various pressures. It can’t be easy trying to balance a little bit of positivity with the rampant negativity and doomsday hysteria that overwhelms us daily.


Do you have any particular memories that stick in your mind from the past year?

Atul: "Memories galore, but the one that remains close to our hearts, that steels us to continue going forward with such great fervour and excitement, is the tremendous challenge by a hostile industry that was not ready to accept a new player. This still keeps me awake, wanting to ensure that we will not be enslaved by the dictates of anyone who may want to see us fail."

"The joyful memories of seeing our first print; the jubilation at our first major advertisement; the excitement of picking up our first journalist award – Jeremy Nell, was recognised as the cartoonist of the year at the 2011 Vodacom Journalist of the Year Awards, these are memories that fill our hearts and make us believe that we are on a winning path."




"My name is Jerm and I am South Africa’s 39th best cartoonist."

So claims JERM (JEREMY NELL), one of the most exciting new talents on the South African cartooning scene. In…>

'The New Age Turns One!':
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© Jerm | Dec 06, 2011 | The New Age

The New Age Turns One!

A CARTOONIST'S JOB is to focus on the empty half of the glass - a task made all the more difficult when one's newspaper is determined to concentrate on the half full aspect. But somehow, Jerm has managed to keep a balance through the three editorships of The New Age's first year, and the fledgling paper has outlasted many predictions of its demise. Africartoons wishes the cartoonist and his newspaper well on this anniversary, and joins them in celebrating the diversity they both bring (often from opposite ends) to a landscape that could always do with more variety.