Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson

Born on January 9th, 1968, and raised in Cape Town, Gavin matriculated at Rondebosch in the eighties. During the nineties he worked in London for studios such as Disney and…>

'Greenpoint Boil...':
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© Gavin Thomson | Apr 17, 2007 | People’s Post

Greenpoint Boil...

GAZING INTO THE ABSCESS: When NASA released some spectacular photographs from space, Gavin Thomson wondered what the incomplete Greenpoint Stadium must look like from that perspective.

Africartoons wondered which definition of carbuncle he had in mind...

carbuncle |?kär?b? ng k?l|

1 a severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria.
2 a bright red gem, in particular a garnet cut en cabochon.

...although, on reflection, the cartoon makes it quite clear!