Gavin Thomson writes:

[Explaining why he changed the location of this cartoon from penguins on the South Pole to the more local Boulder's beach]

"I liked the original idea because of the ridiculousness of someone going all that way out to nick a pair of mirror socks.... that and the idea that an Eskimo would have them in the first place. But I changed it to make it more local. Now I'm thinking (the original version) was funnier." [see the original draft of the cartoon here]

Africartoons thinks Gavin chose the better option, but appreciates his sharing "The Process of Doubting and Second-guessing an iIea", which so often traumatises all cartoonists before (and after) their deadlines.

Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson

Born on January 9th, 1968, and raised in Cape Town, Gavin matriculated at Rondebosch in the eighties. During the nineties he worked in London for studios such as Disney and…>

'Boulder Criminals':
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© Gavin Thomson | Jun 01, 2010 | People’s Post

Boulder Criminals

BOULDER CRIMINALS: This week's cartoon by Gavin Thomson takes us to Boulders, near Simon's Town on the Western Cape's South Peninsular, where he uncovers a thriving racket in which a gang of penguins are stealing patriotic mirror socks so that they too can support Bafana in the Soccer World Cup; now just ten days from kick off.

Gavin also chose this cartoon to pay tribute to the late Weyni Deysel, along with similar tributes by fellow cartoonists, all depicting Weyni's trademark worm in their cartoons. You can click on the cartoon to enlarge it and find the worm. [Also, see Gavin's notes alongside the cartoon for extra information on its making].