ZIBI, the litter busting ostrich created by cartoonist Dov Fedler in 1979 to inspire a nation to “Zappit in the Zibi Bin”, has been brought out of retirement by the City of Cape Town in a 3 year rights deal with the cartoonist, and with an option to extend the flightless bird’s contract even further.

ZIBI ReturnsAn online research exercise found that people who remembered the “Keep South Africa Beautiful” campaign in the 1980s recalled nostalgically how “Zibi induced life-long anti littering sentiments and habits,” and the overwhelming majority of respondents to a survey called for the bird to come out of retirement to tackle litter once again. An internet search by Africartoons found the web littered (oops!) with fond memories and references to South Africa’s - if not the world’s - most famous ostrich.

The City has calculated that it costs ten times as much to collect litter off the ground than it does to collect it from bins, and so in a R7 million exercise, it is to install 10 000 single “Zibi-Bins" around the City, and embark on an extensive campaign to get people to use them. In addition to these bins, thousands of dual bins (with one side catering for recycling) will be installed at fan parks, fan walks and other high pedestrian traffic areas in time for the Soccer World Cup. Dressed in patriotic yellow and green sweater and socks, Zibi looked up to the task at a launch in Cape Town this week.

Dov Fedler, whose editorial cartoons are syndicated nationally in the Independent Newspaper titles, has been in the trade since 1961. When Africartoons asked him how he felt about the relaunch of his iconic creation, Fedler said; “After trying to revive Zibi on numerous occasions, I thought that he was finally buried in the sand. It’s gratifying to see him pop up again!” The cartoonist thanked Claire McKinnon and her team at the City of Cape Town for bringing Zibi back to life.

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