When I read the news, yesterday, that the taxi industry is going to launch an airline (an airline?), I smiled. Look, it’s good that another local airline is taking off, because it’s evidence of economic growth, but the taxi industry’s involvement is funny no matter how you look at it.

I couldn’t resist…

JERM adds later:

This is the most popular cartoon on my website, this week:
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'Taxi Owners to Launch an Airline.':
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© the artist | Jun 30, 2011 | The New Age

Taxi Owners to Launch an Airline.

BUT IS IT SKYWORTHY? The South African National Taxi Council, which ferries about 16million people daily by taxi, has lofty ambitions. Santaco has announced (out of the blue, as it were), their plans to launch a budget airline by November. Cartoonist JERM couldn't believe his ears! [see his notes in the column above].

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