Mangena writes:

Francis Rasuge was a South African police constable she disappeared in 2004. William Nkuna,the man accused of her murder refused to disclose the location of her body. He was since sentenced to life in prison.



BETHUEL MANGENA is a committed editorial cartoonist with a no-holds-barred approach. After studying fine arts (Wits Tech) he studied 3D animation (Boston Media House).

In 2002 he was invited to France…>

'Where is Rasuge?':
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© Mangena | Aug 07, 2005 | Sunday World

Where is Rasuge?

MANGENA DEVOTES his Women's Day cartoon to the cause of a missing constable, believed to have been murdered, but whose body has not been found. She is representative of thousands of women who work thanklessly in our essential services and whose lives are at risk every day.