John Curtis writes:

My first published cartoon for The Cape Argus, initiating what would be a year long gig for the Cape Town's morning newspaper.

Five days earlier I'd been called by the assistant editor on my birthday, offering me the dream opportunity, and I'd spent all those days considering what to draw. Dozens of ideas were scribbled and discarded, and many others made it to final artwork before being discarded. Eventually, I went with this relatively safe concept, marrying a story about the migratory habits of sharks with one about a trend of white South Africans returning from Australia.

The morning it was published, I drove from my home studio in Noordhoek to Cape Town to pick up a copy of the newspaper, hot off the press. I was as nurvous as I was excited to see how it was received. After a coffee on St George's Mall, I passed Zapiro and my editor; both of whom conratulated me on "a good first effort". It was all the encouragement I needed to enthusiastically embrace a new career.

John Curtis

John Curtis

As George W Bush angled for an excuse to invade Iraq in 2003, JOHN CURTIS was sufficiently moved to provide leading SA cartoonist ZAPIRO with cartoon ideas in protest. And…>

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© John Curtis | Oct 10, 2005 | Cape Argus