SIFISO YALO was given his first break by Cyril Madlala, editor of the weekly Zulu language newspaper UmAfrika. He fine-tuned his skills at Andy Mason’s Artworks Publishing Company (which has been a nursery for many South African cartoonists) and by 2003 burst onto the national scene when 'This Day' newspaper took him on as their daily cartoonist.

Yalo's clean line and brightly coloured cartoons clearly articulate their message with humour and punch in an accessible manner that has made him a popular favourite amongst his readers, and his style has influenced other cartoonists from the Artworks incubator most notably Siwela. He is also creator of the cartoon strip 'Pansula'.

After 'This Day' folded Yalo moved to 'The Sowetan' taking over Zapiro's vacated position, adding his bright colours to the look and commentary of their daily editorial page. Sifiso Yalo is also an enthusiastic caricaturist (not all cartoonists are) and offers his services for one-off commissions and functions.

In 2006 Yalo won the Vodacom Cartoonist of the Year award for the Gauteng region, and in 2007 he snapped up the coveted national award.

His cartoons were amongst the best political cartoons of the year to be published in 'DON'T JOKE!The Year in Cartoons' (2009).

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