THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) was founded in 1912 to combat the government's racial discrimination and oppression of black, coloured and Indian people of South Africa.

The organisation was banned (with other organisations) after the Sharpville Massacre of passive protesters by government forces in 1960. The ANC went underground, taking up an armed struggle against the apartheid government and campaigning internationally for sanctions against the racist government.

After the 1976 Soweto Uprising, pressure mounted against the regime, resulting in a series of State of Emergencies being declared in the 1980's to suppress the dissent. Meanwhile, trade and cultural sanctions took hold against the apartheid state

Eventually, in 1990, the government buckled under pressure and unbanned the ANC and other 'struggle organisations', released their jailed leaders and announced their commitment to a new democratic dispensation which ushered the ANC into power in the 1994 democratic elections with an almost two third majority - a margin they have more or less held in every election since.

As it approaches its centenary, some might argue that the ANC's biggest challenge is to regain the moral authority it held during the struggle and early years in office under President Nelson Mandela.

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