News: November 2012

Zuma's Had His Chips

BUT THE SABC DOESN'T THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ITAn animated advert for The Fish & Chips Company by the very talented Mdu Ntuli has been pulled by the national broadcaster apparently because it is deemed to degrade the president. The advert features the presidential family sitting down to enjoy a meal of fish and chips, so cheap that even finance minister Pravin Gordhan "would approve this". The advert's withdrawal is the latest episode in the SABC's censoring any ridicule of President Zuma in the run up to his (as yet uncontested) re-election bid at the ruling party's caucus in Mangaung in December. Previously, any derogatory terms such as "Zumaville" or "President Zuma's £*ç*!ng R248m Nkandla Heist" were censored from the broadcaster's TV and radio stations. Announcers and commentators were urged to use the preferred term "President Zuma's Nkandla Residence" instead. Read more about the advert here, or watch it here...[NOTE: the fllowing clip has been updated since the previous one was mysteriously removed from YouTube]...

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JERM joins EWN


JERM, the political cartoonist who was famously fired last month from his government aligned newspaper "for being too political", has bounced back, landing himself a position as editorial cartoonist for Eyewitness News (EWN). His cartoons will appear twice weekly on the news service's website, making it the first news site in South Africa to feature original content by an editorial cartoonist, and breaking new ground for JERM, a pioneer of digital cartooning in South Africa. The deal will also bring editorial cartoons into the radio space, providing EWN's radio partners such as 702 and Cape Talk a rallying point around which issues of the day could be discussed.

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RUFUS* [1927 - 2012]RUFUS* Papenfus, who signed his work with a trademark asterisk after his first name, has died at the age of 86. A much loved cartoonist, journalist and radio commentator, Rufus was a sports and music enthusiast and an entertainer at heart, remembers Fred Mouton, who sometimes shared cartooning work with him when he was overloaded.

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